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Project Hybrid

Project Hybrid is a mobile card game that includes exercise instead of being formed by it. The purpose of the project is to leverage “dark patterns'' of game design to encourage players to engage in exercise and physical activity in order to progress in the game. During the game process, doing exercise will help gamers gain a higher win rating, which formed the pattern of “exercise to win”.

What is Project Hybrid?

Project Hybrid is a mobile card-based game. The core idea of the game is to use dark game design patterns, the so-called Pay-To-Win mechanics, but instead of using them to get the player to spend money on the game, the game uses these to reward player for exercising and doing physical activity.

How does it work?

In the game, the players will be fighting against the lack of physical activity, both in the game world and in the physical world. The players will be engaging in card combat, while fighting off waves of "laziness aliens". It is, however, not going to be an easy battle. The enemies will get stronger with each battle, and the game will prompt the player to exercise, if they wish to have better chance against them. Players don't have to, but they can, if they wish.


There are three main card types: ally cards, enemy cards,rare cards  and spell cards. The team tried  to set character image closer to exercise, which means the team added more positive influence in the ally cards, with appreciative names and appearances. On the other hand, the enemy will obtain an unattractive appearance and lead to a bad impression of laziness

Ally characters


Bibby the Dog

Your dutiful guard dog, who really enjoys walks.

Gymnastics Elf

Won the Gymnast of The Year award at 2015 Elf Gymnastics Award


Muscle Toph

His two favourite things in the world are weightlifting and his own mustache

Dancing Jodey

Her superpower is being able to dance perfectly to any music genre


Marathon biker Mike

Once biked all the way from Lisbon to Hong Kong with his friends

Enemy characters


Lazy Alien

No one knows how these aliens managed to invade Earth in the first place, given how lazy they are

Couch Potato

It is unknown whether this alien is even physically able to get up from the couch at this point


Fat Slime

90% of its body consists of potato chips

Procrastinating Zombie

This strain of the zombie virus is especially contagious for students


Hypertension Bandit

She has a range of life-threathening weapons, and her favourite hypertension-inducing ammunition

Spell Cards

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